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The Arctos Bear – A Company Overview

Our company’s founder once wrestled a bear and the experience lives on in our company’s name – the word “arctos” comes from the Greek “great bear” and our qualities of sheer will and strength are the key to our success today. To us, these fossils represent the inspiration and complexity similar to those of technology today. At Arctos, we are built to last – engineering products and relationships that will also stand the trials of time.

A fossil is a testament to aprocess done right: it’s the story of Arctos.

Arctos is your premier partner for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), box build assemblies, and other electronic component and assembly services in the Austin, TX area. We have the backing of 8 companies under the TyRex Technology Family, providing us with a competitive edge in solving the needs of your product requirements. From testing, to production, to cables, software, and more we can be your go-to stop for a complete end-product solution. Reach out to our team today to see how we can assist in your next project.



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